Vuealta Supply Planning

Vuealta makes it easy to create and model end-to-end scenarios in real-time for smarter, faster decisions.

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Advanced monitoring and alerts
Monitoring and alerts advise you when inventory or capacity thresholds are breached.

Inventory planning and simulation
Simulate the impact of different inventory policies across multiple echelons, set dynamic inventory policies and manage seasonality and shelf life.

Capacity and component planning
Perform rough-cut capacity and component planning to ensure the network feasibility of plans.

Powerful insights, simulations and
scenarios for responsive supply planning

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Powerful scenarios and simulations

Simulate inventory policies. Scenario plan for demand or supply shocks.

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Monitoring and alerts

Intelligent monitoring to flag issues before they become problems.

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Dynamic inventory management

Create inventory policies from a multitude of strategic options.  Manage shelf-life and ageing.  Take control with end-to-end visibility and reporting.

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Inventory Segmentation

Use ABC-XYZ or any other classification to assign inventory policies, from days supply snd target fill rate to Kanban strategies.

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Rough cut capacity and component planning

Detect tomorrow’s issues today with real-time assessment of network capacity and component availability.

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Informed issue resolution

Make informed decisions between inventory transfers, rapid transport, sourcing or capacity changes to resolve issues.

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