Vuealta S&OP

End-to-end and network based for truly integrated business planning

Collaborate internally and externally with Vuealta S&OP

See Vuealta S&OP in Action

Advanced reporting on one data model​
Allow multiple views in real-time to support all steps in the S&OP process

Collaborative process management
Record decisions, assumptions and actions across teams and meetings

Elevate S&OP to strategic planning
Let Vuealta S&OP manage data collection and analysis.  Focus on tactics and strategy

One data model

for truly integrated and collaborative business planning

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Coordinate and collaborate

Manage, co-ordinate and collaborate with colleagues across the multiple steps in your S&OP process.

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Make decisions in real-time

End-to-end visibility and real-time planning for rapid decision response.

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Elevate your

Shift gear from data collection to driving profitable strategic decisions.

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Advanced UX and Reporting

Power everything from executive KPIs to dashboards and detailed planning worksheets in the Anaplan UX.

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S&OP in the cloud on any device

Access your S&OP process at any time and from any device.

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Be enlightened

Track changes from prior plans at any level and by root casue.  See important upcoming events.  Identify capacity bottlenecks. Collaborate, coordinate, respond and perform.

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