Anaplan for Sales

Empower your go-to-market strategy with an optimized sales performance management solution

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In a competitive market, sales leaders move their companies ahead by innovating the way in which they sell. By leveraging their knowledge and experience to develop new strategies for selling, forward-thinking sales leaders can create powerful go-to-market strategies that give their companies tremendous competitive advantages both now and in the future.

Anaplan for Sales is built to empower your go-to-market strategy, giving you a single platform for managing your sales organization top to bottom. With dynamic insight into your entire organization, you can anticipate market changes and act accordingly. Motivate the right sales behaviors, model future performance, and maximize selling time, all while keeping your organization connected, flexible, and prepared for the future.For decades, one of the surest bets in sales was a CRM solution. Today, though widely effective, CRM technology no longer provides the competitive advantage it once did. Anaplan for Sales gives sales leaders a single platform for connecting their people, data, and processes, a single place to model scenarios, monitor outcomes, and make faster, more informed decisions.

Anaplan for Sales

Typical Anaplan for Sales Use Cases

  • Territory Planning
  • Quota Planning
  • Account Segmentation
  • Sales Capacity Planning
  • Incentive Compensation
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Deal Desk & Pricing
  • Pipeline Optimization
  • Sales KPI Analytics


Eli Molteberg Ensrud, Vice President of Planning, Finance, and Operations.
Helly Hansen

This project could not have been done without Vuealta. They understand our business and are focused on the user friendliness of the solution.

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Anaplan Consultancy

Our team of Anaplan Certified Consultants are on hand to support you throughout your Anaplan journey, partnering with you every step of the way from initial project definition right through to deployment and beyond.

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Sales Rep Homepage

Reps can review their attainment and where they rank within the company. Individual performance is tracked so that rep’s know when/how they will reach annual quota’s.

Compensation Calculator

Reps can model pipeline scenarios to see how it will impact their

Capacity Planning

Spot gaps in capacity then tie in with Finance and HR to understand how increasing productivity, adding new reps or updating the ramping profile can help to close those gaps