The Anaplan Connected Planning Platform

Connect People, Plans and Data in Every Area of your Business



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Anaplan’s cloud planning platform enables an organisation to run virtually any planning process by connecting data, people and plans in every part of a business.

Connected Planning can be achieved at any scale—from a single use case within one business unit to enterprise-wide connected planning across hundreds of processes, and everything in between. Anaplan’s platform is the most flexible, scalable, and collaborative cloud planning system in the world today.

The Anaplan Connected Planning Platform explained

Isolated point solutions and standalone spreadsheets are yesterday’s solutions for decision-making across departments. Today, the Anaplan Platform delivers a single real-time, cloud-based environment for optimising, planning and enabling advanced decision-making across all lines of business, from strategic to operational levels.

To enable businesses to be proactive, nimble, flexible and collaborative, the Anaplan platform combines five elements for success: versatilityscaleconnectionforesight and self-service.

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The Best Data to Drive Informed Decisions

Anaplan represents a game-changing leap beyond traditional business intelligence and enterprise performance management systems. Performance data about the past provides useful insights, but managers then quickly turn to the question “what should we do going forward?”

Anaplan’s powerful modeling and calculation engine helps managers evaluate expected results from different decisions before acting upon them. This combination of backward-looking and forward-looking data is what we consider to be the “best data” for decision-making.

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