What If?... Your Business Forgot To Do Scenario Planning

In partnership with leading business transformation specialist Oliver Wight, Vuealta invites you to join a webinar experience designed to take scenario planning all the way from initial inception stage planning processes right through to execution, reporting and resolution.

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About this Webinar

In our modern world of cloud-connected business, the speed at which business transactions, market swings and unknown forces can take hold of previously stable commercial operations can catch even the best-planned enterprises off-guard.

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The need to execute ‘what if?’ scenarios provides a structured way for organizations to predict, track and manage change with the required level of insight needed to direct business actions for maximum future growth and development.

Being able to detect vulnerabilities and weaknesses while simultaneously also identifying opportunities through optimized forecasting enables informed decision making. This will create new business options and maximize the effectiveness of actions taken both inside the company and those that impact customers and partners.

What you will learn:

  • How to take your Scenario planning to the next level; all the way from initial inception stage planning processes right through to execution, reporting and resolution
  • Five lessons for managing uncertainty
  • Find out the ways in which customers  exploit tools, to meet the modelling needs of scenario planning

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Join Oliver Wight & Vuealta for this insightful webinar!

Our speakers

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Joost Driessen
Managing Director of Vuealta APAC

Joost is Managing Director of Vuealta in APAC, a Global Anaplan Partner helping organizations across industries solve their biggest supply chain planning challenges. In his 20-year career on consulting, he has led complex global enterprise transformation and performance optimization programs, which gave him a unique understanding of such challenges in times of uncertainty. Through innovative technology such as Anaplan, Joost enables businesses to unleash their full end-to-end business planning potential, which allows companies to propel through a highly volatile environment. Vuealta offers pre-configured supply chain solutions that combine industry best practices for S&OP and IBP with rapid implementation for unprecedented time to value.

Peter Metcalfe

Peter Metcalfe
Partner Oliver Wight

Since joining Oliver Wight in 2008, Peter has spent the majority of his time assisting companies across the breadth of Asia in a variety of industries including; Food & Beverages, Chemicals, Steel, Consumer Products, Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Agribusiness, Oil, Engineering and Industrial, with the ultimate goal of achieving stronger and more sustainable business performance. One of his key strengths is to turn complexity into simplicity to allow efficient and effective integration of business processes across all functions.