Planning for Agility & Resilience

Learn more about implementing the 4 steps to agile, resilient networks

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Planning for network agility

About this Webinar

Many global supply chains struggle to manage the different parts of their network in a manner that supports fast, accurate decision-making. They lack the visibility to see what’s happening, both in and out of their organisation, and the tools to orchestrate the network. 

It is like trying to conduct a huge orchestra where everyone is blindfolded, having been told to play slightly different tunes, and expecting it to sound cohesive – it could work, but any success will be more through luck than judgement. Put simply, without visibility, networks can neither be agile nor resilient.

Watch this webinar to learn how to go about unlocking visibility to achieve an agile and resilient network.


Antony Lovell

Antony Lovell
VP Supply Chain Applications, Vuealta