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Anaplan is flexible, scalable and collaborative. A platform built for Connected Planning.

Planning & Modelling

Unmatched flexibility for multi-dimensional business modelling

Engaging User Experience

Collaborative and intuitive. Zero coding knowledge required

Enterprise Scale

Performance, resilience and real-time calculation at any size


Flexible integrations, connectors and API’s

Embedded Intelligence

Built-in optimisation and intelligence to drive insights that matter

Security & Encryption

Robust protection through user access, identity management and data encryption

1000+ Customers

Anaplan has already been chosen by over a thousand customers worldwide

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Tell us the area of the business where you have a current planning project and we will tailor an Anaplan demo to your requirements.

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Business Advisory & Evaluation Support

By taking time to understand your business and the issues and challenges you are facing, our Advisory team uses local and global industry knowledge to help you challenge your existing processes, define a clear vision to get every- one moving in the same direction and understand exactly what success looks like.

Consultancy & Implementation Services

Our team of Anaplan Certified Consultants are on hand to support you throughout your Anaplan journey, partnering with you every step of the way from initial project defini- tion right through to deployment and beyond.
We are certified in The Anaplan Way, a methodology that empowers customers to be a part of key decision points during each phase of their Anaplan projects.

Training & Enablement

Vuealta are a Certified Anaplan Traininig Provider and offer the full range of Anaplan Training Courses to get your team fully enabled. Courses can be delivered at customer prem- ises or in a classroom environment at our global office lo- cations

Ongoing Global Support

Vuealta offers a flexible and cost effective approach to ongoing support, ensuring your investment in Anaplans continues to deliver. The Anaplan platform is constantly evolving, but you can rely on our experts to keep you informed of developments and how they can benefit your business. You may also consider our Managed Service to ensure your Anaplan environment continues to run without interruption.

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Domain Knowledge

The Future of the Supply Chain Our service is structured to provide domain expertise and knowledge across multiple business disciplines and industry sectors, so you will benefit from the knowledge that indivisual teams have developed by implememting Anaplan in your sector or within your line of business.

The Future of the Supply Chain

Find out exactly how exposed business are and what they need to be aware of when managing a supply chain in the modern era.


Download the Paper

The Future of Financial Services

Planning for Every Eventuality – we reveal the array of challenges and disruptors that the industry will face over the next five years.


Download the Paper

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