Webinar Series: 3 Pillars of a Lean and Profitable Supply Chain

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In order for a supply chain to operate effectively and efficiently, it needs to have 3 key capabilities – Alignment, Flow, and Agility.

Alignment allows for standardisation of communication and processes across the entire supply chain, supporting a consistent and clear flow of information and eliminating risk. This calibration allows for top to bottom alignment between strategic planning and supply chain planning, providing the ability to roll-up plans and financials across regions and business groups. But it also supports end-to-end alignment from customers to suppliers.

A supply chain with flow with have the flexibility to support local process segmentation within a standard framework created by having the first pillar, alignment. This ability to maintain a constant flow of relevant and accurate information across the end to end network is critical.

Alignment and flow provide the core competences to operate an efficient supply chain. However, they are ineffective unless an organisation has the ability to respond to external events in a timely manner. By correctly positioning strategic buffers, an agile supply chain can make real-time decisions to overcome the unexpected.

About the Host

Antony Lovell, VP of Applications, Vuealta

Antony leads the applications division at Vuealta where he is charged with creating world class industry solutions on the Anaplan platform. He has 20 years international experience of supply chain strategy and design spanning multiple industries including CPG and Consumer Electronics as a consultant and industry leader. Antony’s key areas of expertise include supply chain strategy, supply chain segmentation, network design, demand and supply planning, and business process re-engineering.

Pillar 1: Alignment

11am EST | 4pm GMT

Pillar 2: Flow

11am EST | 4pm GMT

Pillar 3: Agility

11am EST | 4pm GMT