Vuealta Demand Planning System

The Vuealta Demand Planning System makes it easy to manage planned events and respond to unexpected demand and supply shocks.

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Planning for events
Manage NPD, promotions, price changes and demand shocks with ease

Intelligent planning
Advanced analytics to segment planning, intelligent alerts to focus planning, demand sensing and AI to deliver insights

Collaborative and real-time
Drive performance improvements with empowerment and collaboration.  Achieve true synchronization for consensus planning

Demand Planning System.
Real-time. Collaborative. Event-driven. Intelligent.

Advanced Analytics

Harness the power of advanced analytics, demand sensing and AI to gain insights, assess and respond.

Integrated Financials

Instantly see the P&L for any product, customer, category, channel or other slice of the plan.

Event Management

Manage NPD, promotions, price changes and demand shocks with ease. Model events and turn them on and off with a mouse click.

Process Segmentation

Different processes and tools for different characteristics such as flat, seasonal or erratic demand.

Performance Management

Archiving, waterfalls, KPIs and metrics to measure and improve performance.

Top-down, bottom-up, outside in

Plan top-down or bottom-up. Integrate data to refine your planning.

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