Data Integration Specialist

About this role

Successful Data Integration is at the heart of our projects, and a focus from the very outset. Data Integration Specialists tend to support multiple projects at a time, ensuring that the data cornerstone of project success is addressed.

The role involves in some cases liaising with client data specialists to help them design an integration approach that they will then build, whilst in other cases the Data Integration Specialist will build the integrations themselves.

Candidate Profile

You will have a track record in working with enterprise systems, both at the operational level (ERP, CRM, HRIS, SCM) and analytical level (planning, business intelligence, reporting etc), and should be an expert in data architecture. This experience will cover both on-premise and cloud solutions, and should also encompass strong working knowledge of tools which can manage the flow of data around systems and the ETL of this data.

Confidence in interacting with business clients and IT functions at every stage of the project, and the ability to shape and own this workstream is a must.


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