Anaplan CPX2020 Roundup: Agility, Resilience and Character


Earlier this week, we tuned in for Anaplan’s Digital CPX Conference. Frank Calderoni, Chairman and CEO of Anaplan, kicked off the event with a keynote, leading a discussion around how the world is changing and as a result, what challenges businesses are now facing. The keynote focused on how agility, resilience and character can help businesses better prepare, pivot and move forward, and featured several customers including Jeremy Noble, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Markel.

Jeremy described today’s world as a “VUCA world” – meaning, its volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. He said, “Look no further than 2020 to appreciate the challenges that organizations face with regards to both being resilient and also planning for and executing long-term strategies.”

Some of our key takeaways from this keynote session are as follows:

Agility and Resilience

The world is changing and transforming at a faster speed than anyone anticipated, and agility has become more pressing than ever for supply chains and businesses.

“Agility is the difference between survival and bankruptcy.”

Frank Calderoni, CEO & Chairman, Anaplan

True agility requires efficiency and resilience. In this environment, links in the supply chain cannot be fragile and the traditional way of planning can no longer support business needs.

It’s not only the pandemic – weather, politics and social events are also having a major impact on supply chains and businesses like never before. Anaplan recognizes these challenges and provides organizations with meaningful forecasting from real-time data that reflects constant change, coupled with predictive analytics.

Many businesses that have survived and even thrived during these challenging times recognized disruption and supply chain delays as opportunities to capitalize on.

For example, some businesses pivoted to create much-needed personal protection equipment (PPE), healthcare professionals quickly adopted telemedicine appointments, and American Airlines used their empty passenger planes for cargo.


“Crisis reveals character…the way people treat each other is changing,” explained Frank.

Businesses need to connect with their customers and understand their values while using their capabilities to help customers and the community. In recognizing this need, Anaplan released a 90-day free trial for nonprofit, government, healthcare and other organizations that qualify.

Anaplan also coordinated a hack-a-thon event with customers around the world. It resulted in the creation of 29 new out-of-the-box apps to help businesses manage COVID-19 planning.

Closing Thoughts

As Frank rightly said, “We have the agility, resilience, and character to shape a new world.”

While the world, its people and the way we do business is changing, agility, resilience and character give businesses an opportunity to move forward in difficult times.

If you missed Anaplan Digital CPX, recordings of each session can be found here.

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