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February 1, 2017

Author: Vuealta

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Having launched Anaplan to the UK market in 2011, it’s still amazing to see the phenomenal growth the business has had.  There is no question that the Anaplan technology is amazing and best-in-class, but the fast and global widespread adoption that we have seen is simply unprecedented.  I know I am biased, but having led the Anaplan UK organization for the last six years, and witnessing the demand out there at all levels in the market, I had no choice but to form Vuealta and strive for Anaplan Excellence!

One thing that has remained constant over recent years is that you don’t necessarily have to start big with Anaplan.  Many customers start with a small pre-defined use case or business planning problem.  Our mantra has very much been to get you up and running, adding value to your process in days and weeks, not months and years.  This is as true today as it was six years ago, but what has amazed me, is the reach and growth within organizations once they start to understand the power of a connected enterprise planning environment.

Understanding the impact of sales, marketing, product, human capital and operational decisions in real-time, is game changing for organizations.  The ability to crystal ball gaze and understand outcomes in the decision-making process directly effects the bottom line and confidence in which businesses operate.  I recall running companies in the past and only discovering issues once the FD had produced the monthly accounts. With Anaplan and its integrated financial planning capabilities, I know what’s going on in real time and can course correct ‘on the fly’.  If I have revenue targets around my Professional Services function but my Recruitment Planning model tells me we are behind on our recruitment funnel, I can instantly make changes.  If I am looking at making an acquisition, I can load the target’s data into my operating model and see what the combined business looks like across a range of scenarios.  If I want to know the impact of launching a new product or service I can test the scenario and visualise the impact.   It is literally possible to run any business planning scenario and you can head into a decision with absolute confidence of the outcome.

Vuealta can not only help you start your Anaplan journey, but we can grow with you as a true business partner and take the solution wherever you would like to go.  Whether you are a small team in a departmental area of your organization or you are mature in your use of Anaplan and want to ‘industrialise’ it by building a Centre of Excellence, we can help.

Vuealta has the best and brightest talent and we would love to work with you to embrace the amazing opportunity that Anaplan can bring your organizations.  Get in touch today!


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